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  • F.R.P Totally Enclosed Free Fall Lifeboat

    F.R.P totally enclosed free fall lifeboat is developed from totally enclosed lifeboat, the most popular series. The construction is specially strengthened to have light acceleration strike during water entry that can be completed within seconds and escape rapidly from the vessels with longer self-stability. The F.R.P totally enclosed free fall lifeboat suits particularly the more […]

  • F.R.P Totally Enclosed Lifeboats

    F.R.P. Totally enclosed life/rescue boat is suitable for use on board the ocean going vessels under worse sea condition.14models are available from 5.00M to 10.90M.The tanker versions have good fire protection performance. Model Main DIM. (M) Capacity (p) Hook distance Speed (knots) Max height (m) Davit load (kg) JY-QFP-5.00 5.00*2.20*1.10 22 4.6 >6 2.85 4015 […]

  • Fast Rescue Boat

    SOLA rescue boat is widely used in rescue, patrol and survey applications. Weitong Marine offer two types of rescue boats, one is common boat with speed up to 6 knots when full loaded, the other one is high speed rescue boat with speed up to 20 knots when light loaded. SOLAS rescue boat is strictly […]

  • FRP Open Type Lifeboat

    F.R.P open type lifeboat is more economic series for common lifesaving use for inshore and Inland River going cargo and passenger vessels. The main dimension is from 5.5M to 9.00M total 8models available. Products Model Main DIM.(m) CAPACITY(P) engine CAPACITY(P) manual Hook Distance(m) Davit load (kg) engine Davit load (kg) manual JY-85K-5.5 5.5*2.00*0.85 15 17 […]

  • Partially Enclosed Lifeboat

    Comparing with totally enclosed lifeboat with same capacity,the original structure and arrangement of partially enclosed are more compact and reasonable.The boat is of lighter weight,smaller size and higher strength that makes the cabin more commodious and comfortable. Model Main DIM.(m) Capacity (p) Hook distance(m) Speed (knots) Max.height (m) Davit load (kg) JY-BF-7.00 7.00*2.70*1.10 45 6.60 […]